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   Fundación Salvador4men
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Fundation Salvador4men is a non-profit entity that was born from the Salvador4men brand (shirt factory). This brand has a great commitment to caring for the environment since it uses recycled material for its production (recycled sari, coconut button, seed label), they also recycle silk bags to make shipments, thus being a 100% sustainable product. .

Not only do we work caring for the environment, but we also carry out social responsibility actions, working for equal opportunities, promoting education, employment and solutions for people with low resources.

We want to tell you that we have made a very important business decision, allocate €2 from each shirt you buy, to carry out social responsibility actions.

The money will be used to finance solidarity projects that we will develop from our Foundation.


These are some of the solidarity projects that we are developing

Indivac Project / Budget € 2800

The INDIVAC project consists of: Buying 10 young cows, which will then be taken to a farm in the town of Jaisalmer Rajasthan in INDIA. These animals will grow there for a year, thus achieving the necessary maturation so that they can give milk. After a year , all the milk produced by these cows will be redistributed to the most needy families in this town in INDIA , thus helping the people who need it most .


Collaboration with Associations / Budget € 2000

We collaborate with some associations, which organize showrooms to finance their organizations. From our Foundation we will contribute products from our brands (Salvador4men - Gala Italian Design) so that they can raffle and thus promote their events.

* Peluditos de Son Reus Association - Association in defense of animals, Palma de Mallorca.

* Art and Comic Association - Cultural Association of Manga Drawing Workshops - Palma de Mallorca

* Casa Planas - Cultural Multispace Association - Palma de Mallorca


Donation of work tools / Budget € 4,500

We will donate a utility truck to the Shain Shain soup kitchen in INDIA. This association needs a mobility, to make the purchases and thus be able to produce the meals of each day.


 We invite you to be part of this association and that you can also help us fulfill the dream of helping those who need it most.
If you wish to collaborate with our Foundation you can make a donation through the following link.